Az Does National Poem Writing Month

Worried Times

Champagne bubbles
Immigration troubles
Girlfriend cuddles
This is my Wednesday

Worries have doubled
Dreams are hobbled
The streets more cobbled
I have no more words to say

NaPoWriMo 8: Small Flat Future

Little flat, cold mornings
Working hard, low earnings
But we have each other
Someday a little someone too
And I’ll be dad and you’ll be mother

We have dreams of things
Love that pulls at our heartstrings
Too many books to count
Teabags, milk and sugar
To us we are king and queen crowned

Stay with me through the rain
Hold me close through the pain
And will love you and take you
In sickness and in health
Love you forever and love you true

NoPoWriMo 7: I like you

I like you in your dressing gown
When you’re all comfortable
When you tell me I’m your own
Like we’re in some kind of fable

I like it when you tell me off
Because I can be an idiot
I like it when you huff and scoff
But not when you go quiet

I love it that you love me
I love that i love you too
I love that you make me cups of tea
I love the taste of your brew

NaPoWriMo 6: Impromptu Poem

Note: I’m just about to go to bed, but I thought I would write a little poem, just a few lines beforehand, so here goes.

The talk to me with hatred
The smell of their souls is putrid
Soon their lives will be ousted
And my past with them will be done and dusted

I dream of a life far away
A life where we can dance and sway
When the marimba rhythm starts to play

Just me and her
In our love lair
With nothing but our love flowing through the air

(Hope you like it Moneypenny.)

NaPoWriMo 5: We Touched The Face of God

I remember the night

When the stars shone so bright

And I listened to a talk

By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

He talked about the sky

And the universe out there

He echoed the words of Carl Sagan

"It is not just we who are in the universe

But the Universe is also within us

We are stardust”

I remember going outside looking at the sky

Wondering if I will ever see a new one

A new sky

A new horizon

A sky where Earth is just a blue dot

But in the end, I suppose not

The age of exploration is dead

Apathy has taken over

People look down nowadays

And focus on their bread

We don’t dream anymore

We don’t look up

But there was a time we did

And with the outstretched hand of our ambition

We touched the face of God

NaPoWriMo 4: This Poem Won’t Rhyme

This poem won’t rhyme

This poem will be sad

I don’t know how to start it

And I don’t know how to end

This is poem is my sorrow

And this poem is my hope

This poem shows my love

My love, which is all for you

This poem is an experiment

Something I don’t do a lot

This poem is for you

To tell you I’m here

Here for now and always

Here in the best of times and worst

I take you in sickness and in health

I take you in all seasons and temperatures

I take you in all sanity and madness

I accept you, I love you, all of you

Exactly the way you are

NaPoWriMo Day 3: Money the Mistress

You ever wake up with a craving for a drink?

You ever go to sleep knowing you’re on the brink?

You ever get told that maybe you need a shrink?

You ever just wanna sit down and not think?

Friends and lovers, they might hurt you

Sometimes all you want is one simple break through

You wish you could just make do

With love, joy, laughter, and dreams too

But life needs more, more than that

Life for some is a constant combat

So when failure is all you arrive at

Money will be there to catch you when you fall flat

Money is the mistress that hugs you while you weep

When you’re cold in the night money gives you heat

But as Jay and Yeezy laid down in their immortal beats

“We’ll probably spend it all, cause the pain ain’t cheap”

NaPoWriMo Day 2: 4 AM Miracle

4 AM on a summer night

sat on the steps of a church

My plans which once burnt bright

On the edge of reality they perch

Praying for a 4 AM miracle

Praying to a God who cared

A God who since turned satirical

Since a break in my faith I declared

The words I pray are lyrical

Though in my heart I’m scared

I failed that night

And I failed that year

Many wrongs I tried to right

Many memories drowned in beer

In the end though life did invite

A better future for me, that’s clear

From every loving kiss

I am reminded of this:

Nothing is as liberating

As having your worst fears realised.

NaPoWriMo Day 1: Unquenched Desire

its dark in the bar
the couple cannot see far
they burn with desire
a fire they cannot acquire
a fire within each other
a fire they try to smother

lips locked in passion
the use of tongue is rationed
need courses through their veins
only carnal need remains

and yet the part
with love in their heart
for tomorrow will come
and into each other they will succumb